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“'Clash of the Titans' leads US, Canada box office - Deepika Global” plus 3 more

“'Clash of the Titans' leads US, Canada box office - Deepika Global” plus 3 more

'Clash of the Titans' leads US, Canada box office - Deepika Global

Posted: 05 Apr 2010 05:42 PM PDT

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'Clash of the Titans' leads US, Canada box office
LOS ANGELES, Apr 4 (Reuters) ''Clash of the Titans,'' the latest film to cash in on the 3D craze, easily won the battle at the Easter weekend box office in North America, according to studio estimates issued today. The adventure epic earned 61.4 million dollar, in line with industry expectations and setting a record for an Easter release, said distributor Warner Bros Pictures. Its total stands at 64.1 million dollar after an early start on Thursday. The previous Easter record was set by ''Scary Movie 4'' (40.2 million dollar) in 2006. The mythological odyssey, a remake of stop-motion master Ray Harryhausen's 1981 outing, stars Sam Worthington (''Avatar'') as the heroic Perseus and Ralph Fiennes as the villainous Hades. The Time Warner Inc unit said 3D screens supplied 52 pe rcent of the gross, even though they accounted for 42 per cent of the theaters showing the film. Since the success of ''Avatar,'' Hollywood has rushed to capitalize on 3D movies because studios can charge higher ticket prices for the experience. ''Clash of the Titans'' is not even a true 3D film since it was converted from 2D after filming was completed. But movie theater owners have been slow to equip their theaters with new technology, creating a logjam among 3D titles. ''Clash'' competed for playdates with previous champion ''How to Train Your Dragon'' and recent leader ''Alice in Wonderland.'' DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc's ''Dragon'' slipped to No. 3 with 29.2 million dollar, taking its 10-day haul to 92.3 million dollar. Walt Disney Co's ''Alice'' fell three to No. 5 with 8.3 million dollar; its tally stands at 309.8 million dollar. Among other openers, Tyler Perry's ''Why Did I Get Married Too?'' came in at No. 2 with 30.2 million dollar, the second-highest opening for the prolific filmmaker. The film was released by Lionsgate, a unit of Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. The Disney drama ''The Last Song,'' teen starlet Miley Cyrus' first foray into mature fare, debuted at No. 4 with 16.2 million dollar. Its total stands at a solid 25.6 million dollar after opening on Wednesday.


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Movies Rebooting the 1980's Including Red Dawn - Democratic Underground.com

Posted: 31 Mar 2010 12:54 PM PDT

One sentence review.....

They should have just 3-D rendered the original.

Longer review.......

Let me get this rant out of the way, the free screening I went to was a 3-D presentation of the film, and in true modern free screening tradition, they scanned everyone before letting them in and made everybody put their cell phones with cameras (now days, that means ALL cell phones) back in their cars, all to discourage taping of the film. Now, did I mention that this film was in 3-D? that means that for the most part, if you are not watching this thing with 3-D glasses, it's total shit. Why the hell do they think someone wants to tape this version? Has some genius invented a 3-D home camera or maybe they'll put 3-D glasses over the lens of their camera, or maybe they just shoot it and hope someone will buy their pirated version to see it on TVshotinshaky"Ihopetheydon'tcatchme"cam with 3-D glasses? What the hell was the point? And in all honesty, this movie was made for regular screening, not 3-D. I was constantly removing my glasses hoping to maybe see the incredible background scenery better, but instead saw the same blur that was obviously the fault of bad 3-D upscaling. It's like all those "Hi-Def" upscaled films on Blu-ray where the only thing magnified are the main actors and everything else looks like it was shot through gauze.

As for the film itself, as a remake it's a terrible film. They changed it so much, it barely resembles the original. Remember when they remade films, they tried to stay within the confines of the original plot and had "cameos" of former actors in the film as a sly wink to the audience? Not this piece of shit. Remember how the original was about how Perseus bravely did everything for some sweet poontang while the Gods casually looked on and tried to help/hinder our horny hero? Well now it's been turned into a cheesy revenge flick where everyone just wants to kill somebody else be it a man/god, god/god, god/demi-god, demi-god/god, man/man, man/creature, creature/man, demi-god/creature, man/woman(are you keeping track?). As for cameos, the only good one comes when we see a robotic owl for about 10-seconds being treated like it was some sort of useless prop instead of a miracle of god/mechanical engineering.

Even as a stand alone film, this thing sucks. If you thought Harry Hamlin was a wooden actor, you ain't seen nothin' yet until you see Sam Worthington once again barely move a muscle on his face while reciting dialog. The only reason this guy gets acting gigs is that all casting directors are gay and he gives the best ass-fuck/blow jobs in the biz, cause it's certainly not acting talent. When a 10-second robot owl cameo shows more emotion in it's face then the lead character, your movie's in trouble.

So anyway, the movie goes like this, baby and mother are discovered by an ugly fisherman in a sarcophogus in the ocean. Somehow the mother decides the ugly fisherman is the man for her and actually stays with him on his one-man operated huge-ass fishing boat. The boy is Perseus, who grows into adulthood in 2 minutes while the mother and fisherman miraculously stay the same age(no explanation is given for this). So the boat is sailing into a port located next to a huge-ass cliff where a 20 story stone statue of Zeus(Liam Neeson) is being destroyed by pulling it down with rope into the bay where it capsizes the boat. Hades(Ralph Fiennes) comes down and kills all the soldiers who destroyed the statue while the boat sinks in the ocean with Perseus, swimming faster than a sinking boat, fails to rescue his family. He surfaces in time to see Hades and blame him for everything and swears vengeance(never mind it was the soldiers, not the Gods that killed his "family").

Hades then shows up at a "we want to kill the Gods" palace party where Princess Andromeda is proclaimed hotter than the Gods by her mother who is promptly killed by Hades and then Hades pronounces that Phil(The Kraken) will kill everyone if they don't sacrifice Andromeda. Perseus shows up with the surviving soldiers and Hades kicks their asses until he sees Perseus and says to everyone "This dude's the son of Zeus and can kill Phil(the Kraken)" and takes off. So the freshly widowed(and apparently not giving a shit about it) King puts together a group consisting of soldiers and Perseus to go find the witches to ask how to kill Phil(the Kraken) because even though they've never seen Phil(the Kraken) before, they all know he's a bad-ass.

Hades then creates Calibos from Perseus' other step-dad(not the fisherman, but another dude) and tells him to kill Perseus. Calibos then gets in a fight with Perseus and the soldiers and two monster hunters and IO(hot immortal chick who loves Perseus and says she's been watching him his whole life, even though his life was pretty much fishing up to now.....she also introduces him to Pegasus Obama) and kicks their asses until he gets his hand chopped off and his blood creates giant scorpions who kicks their asses until ancient desert Djinns hypnotize the scorpions and turn them into domesticated pack animals. Since Perseus and crew never heard of a horse that doesn't fly, much less brought any horses with them, they ride giant scorpions and camels to see the blind witches who kicks their asses until Perseus grabs the one eye they use to see and finds out that only Medusa can kill Phil(the Kraken).

Zeus(Liam Neeson) then visits Perseus in the middle of the night and tells him to quit this shit and hang with the Gods. Since Perseus thinks his "family"(even though by now he knows they really were never his family) was killed by Hades he tells his dad off and Zeus says O.K. and gives him a Greek lightsaber that he doesn't want to use and a coin to cross the river Styx to get to Medusa.

Then Perseus and the soldiers fight Medusa, who kicks their asses until Pereus uses the guy who taught him how to fight as a distraction to chop off Medusa's head. Then Calibos "kills" IO and Perseus kills Calibos with the Greek lightsaber that he doesn't want to use. Perseus then gets on Pegasus Obama and flies back just in time to kill Phil(the Kraken), hit Hades with a lightning bolt streaming from the Greek lightsaber that he doesn't want to use and sends him back to the underworld, and rescues Andromeda. Andromeda then offers Perseus the chance to become King and bang her hot ass, but he refuses because he wants some immortal IO poontang. Zeus then shows up and tells him again to quit this shit and hang with the Gods. Perseus tells his dad off again and Zeus says O.K. and brings IO back to life to bang throughout eternity...........the end.

I'm not kidding, that's the story. The only cool thing in this movie is the Pantheon Of The Gods scenes with Liam and Ralph chewing up the scenery while the other Gods stand in a circle looking like dumb-shits. This film is just unbelievably bad.

And to top it all off, I lost my fucking sunglasses at the theater. I should have gone to Passover.

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Movie Projector: 3-D 'Clash' will be a titan this ... - Los Angeles Times Blogs

Posted: 01 Apr 2010 04:56 PM PDT

Miley Cyrus and Tyler Perry will try to crash the box office this weekend, but they should be no match for a god.

Director Louis Leterrier's remake of "Clash of the Titans," which stars "Avatar's" Sam Worthington as the Greek mythological hero Perseus, is expected to dominate the box office this weekend, with observers forecasting a weekend take between $60 million and $70 million. A "Titans" opening approaching the premiere of 2007's "300," which grossed $70.9 million for Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures in its first weekend, is not impossible.

The new Warner Bros. and Legendary action-adventure story, a $122-million remake of the 1981 film, will go up against Cyrus' tear-jerker "The Last Song" as well as "Why Did I Get Married Too?," Perry's follow-up to his 2007 Janet Jackson relationship comedy, which grossed $55.2 million during its run in the U.S. and Canada.

"Titans," whose release was pushed back by one week as the film was converted from 2-D to 3-D, should benefit from the stereoscopic format and the higher ticket prices (as much as $5 more) that theaters charge for 3-D admissions.The film is tracking strongest among older men, but it's also showing surprisingly strong traction among 1 younger women.

Meanwhile, Cyrus makes her debut as a lead character in a live-action drama in Disney's "Last Song," which will attempt to continue a mini-hot streak for films based on Nicholas Sparks novels. The romantic drama "Dear John," also based on a book by the bestselling author, opened in February to a solid $30.5 million and has grossed nearly $89 million domestically. Sparks also makes his screenwriting debut with "Last Song."

"Last Song" grossed $5.1 million when Disney rolled it out on Wednesday night, the studio said, with a projected opening in the low $20-million range.

With an estimated premiere in the high $20-million range, Perry's new ensemble comedy from Lionsgate is expected to top the $21.4-million opening of "Why Did I Get Married?" But it will probably fall short of Perry's career-best opening, the $41 million "Madea Goes To Jail" collected in its February 2009 premiere weekend.

1 Lionsgate is opening the film on Easter weekend with an eye toward capturing a multigenerational African American audience. "Easter time is a great time for Tyler Perry. Families are together during Easter, and it becomes an event: You go to church, then you go see the movie," said Lionsgate production president Michael Paseornek.

He added that although critics used to dismiss Perry's movies, they now understand and appreciate his appeal. "I absolutely think they are being kinder to Tyler," Paseornek says. What's more, he has a slice of the moviegoing public all to himself. "He appeals to an audience that almost no one else is after."

One key question at the box office this weekend hinges on DreamWorks Animation's "How to Train Your Dragon," the 3-D adventure tale that opened at the low end of expectations last weekend with $43.3 million, a debut that sent DreamWorks stock down 8%.

But the movie drew extremely strong reviews and was given an A grade on CinemaScore, giving some experts confidence that strong word of mouth could draw audiences, and that ticket sales could drop as little as 40% in "Dragon's" second weekend out. With "Clash of the Titans" grabbing as many as 1,800 3-D screens, though, "Dragon" (like "Alice in Wonderland") may not be able to keep the best 3-D auditoriums for long.

-- Steve Zeitchik and John Horn

Top photo: Sam Worthington in "Clash of the Titans." Credit: Warner Bros.

Above right: Miley Cyrus. Credit: Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times

Above left: Janet Jackson. Credit: Christopher Polk / Getty Images

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Titans No. 1 at box office - The Chronicle Herald

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 12:51 AM PDT

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Opening at No. 2 with $30.2 million was Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too?, reuniting filmmaker Perry with Janet Jackson ... previous weekend's top movie, How to Train Your Dragon, ran a close third with $29.2 million. Miley Cyrus' teen ...


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